Press release

CLAAS Industrietechnik has build the 10,000th EQ 2XX transmission

As a result of a very positive market acceptance, CLAAS Industrietechnik GmbH (CIT) in Paderborn has recently produced the 10.000th transmission of its successful EQ 2XX series.

Reliable use since 2015

CLAAS introduced the EQ stepless technology in 2015 and has been using this successfully since then in its own ARION 500 CMATIC and ARION 600 CMATIC tractor series. An automatic anti-jackknifing system has been available for these series since 2021, which is based on a precise coordination of engine speed, air brake and gear ratio and can be used for road transport with trailers as well as field use with square balers, vacuum tankers and manure spreaders, heavy trailed crop protection sprayers and fertilizer spreaders on slopes.

The mechanical-hydraulic power-split transmissions are characterized by their simple design with two mechanical driving ranges and a consequently high, uniform overall efficiency over the whole speed range. The driving areas change automatically depending on the driving speed and the required load and allow you to work in different driving modes. "The EQ 200 and the EQ 220, which was introduced in 2017, have proven their efficiency and fatigue strength in several thousand ARION tractors around the world over the past few years," explains Dr. Ulf Leinhäuser, Managing Director of CLAAS Industrietechnik. “To date, thanks to the robust construction and the excellent manufacturing quality of our transmissions, some of these tractors have run up to 10,000 operating hours without any problems. The quality of each individual EQ transmission is assured by a computer-guided "zero-defect" assembly line and then additionally confirmed by a 100 percent test on a dynamometer. We are pleased that the excellent performance is being honored by the growing interest shown by our customers. "

CLAAS Industrietechnik GmbH is part of the CLAAS Group and certified according to DIN ISO 9001-2015

Strategic agreement with the SDF Group for cooperation in the development of continuously variable drives for tractors

The cooperation of CIT and the SDF Group in the area of ​​development includes in particular the implementation of EQ 200, EQ 220 and EQ 260 continuously variable transmissions in the TTV drive train of higher horse power SDF tractors as well as the joint coordination of the engine-transmission management.

The promising results of the extensive test and validation phase with regard to efficiency, durability and coordination have been underpinned by numerous positive feedback from customers and specialist magazines since the market launch at the end of 2020.